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As we enter another year full of renewed passion for achieving in the face of the non believers. Moments of silence intensifies the grown up consideration of our existence. Be it not our position to judge any movement other than our own, but the same urgency that lead to the initial audio war cry is yet of further more importance than ever. Ignorance is more in vogue than retro fashion wear. Klan stay distant to trend watching and manifest game plan via old fashion need. And so the Migrant Expression must flourish by any which means. The media mechanism has expertise in riding off the coat tails of the underground then closing its doors on the said activity within the melee of few damming reviews. Protection is guaranteed from a commit to a life time of Dub Culture study. The internal klan manifesto is about to be revised for the new year.

Please forward your two pence worth of wisdom to

Work to love, love to work. This year and every other year all klan familiar must make their own rules.

1. Fear no creative advise, stand by your gut instinct.
2. Do for self before you beg a two pence.
3. Make preparation till it hurts.
4. Bond with the less likely.
5. Never forget 99 per cent of record labels are cowards, turn coats and rich kids who have nothing better to do with their life.
6. Please your own sweet self.
7. Blog and leek your shit till a business model appears.
8. Set trends never follow the whim of the moment.
9. Live your art form, master your escape route.
10. Failure is nothing to fear.


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