…in which our unsuspecting rhythm guitarist gets swept up into the maelstrom of fashion blog fame and certain fortune!

Mpumelelo Mcata aka Mpumi BLK JKS aka Itchy Palm Productions getting some street style blog shine on a recent visit to NYC.

Comments section FAILs are the best! Anonymous says, “This belongs on a fashion blog? Sweater too small, hat too small, “shoes” are actually sloppy slippers. Sorry, just doesn’t cut it for me.” Bwahahahahahahahahaha…Nice try!

Corduroy hat artist’s own

Cardi by Edun

Jeans by Edun

Shoes Moroccoan babouches from the wretched back streets of Agadir

via The Sartorialist

Thanks to EDUN for the amazing invite to NYC Fashion Night Out!!!


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